#7 OFF OFF Conference / Saturday 29th of June 2024 / Vevey (organized by Indiana)

Flyer OFF OFF #7 Indiana, Vevey

SA 29.06.2024 @ Indiana, Vevey

Invitation to the next networking conference of the Association for non-profit & independent art spaces in Switzerland / organized by Indiana & OFFOFF (a bit)

#7 Conference / Meeting OFF OFF 2024

Saturday 29th of June 2024, starting from 1pm
@ Meeting 1 pm / 13.00 o’clock Vevey SBB Train Station

Please inscript! Link below!

Thank you very much for agreeing to take part in off-off Day #7 on Saturday 29.06.2024. We’ll be delighted to welcome guests from many parts of the French-speaking world, and hopefully beyond. The welcome will be at the Vevey train station from 1pm.

Here’s a link to all the info about the visit so far, and the possibility of reserving a place at the closing dinner (approx. 7pm). Registration is open until Sunday June 23.
At the end of the page, you’ll see a section for Vevey’s participating areas – this is purely to facilitate logistics. This will enable us to communicate more effectively live on the day (for example, to provide information about the route). You can join the walking group at any time, depending on your availability.

also available here: https://indianavevey.ch/bio in the “News” section.

We’d like to devote 20 minutes to each location (including arrival and departure). Some projects can be presented for shorter periods too, especially those involving outdoor showcases or studio spaces. The main objective is to make a presentation:
→ the genesis of your project, its annual operation/rhythm [in 2-3 minutes];
→ the current exhibition [3 min];
→ let people visit a little bit [10 min] and answer questions.

And perhaps if you’d like to offer specific documentation, we can set up a display unit at Indiana at the end (catalogs, flyers, stickers, whatever you like).

See you soon!
Indiana & OFF OFF

Infopage about independent art spaces in Switzerland. Forgot someone?
Please contact: info@offoff.ch


Web: www.offoff.ch

Stay live tuned: Insta: @off_off_switzerland

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